Hi, my name is Fidel, I'm a Fullstack & web3 developer

Fidel Sanchez-Bueno
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About Me

Graduated in Chemical Engineering, I'm a Software Developer with experience in web development (both frontend and backend), currently focused on web3 and blockchain related projects. I have experience maintaining and setting up PoS nodes on Linux servers, I'm very comfortable working on Linux environments. I have been a linux power user for about 15 years, I'm very familiar with docker, SSH, the linux terminal and linux systems overall, etc.


Project Lead.

Espanicon (ICON Network Validator)

2018 - Present

Espanicon is a project created to build blockchain based solutions in the ICON Network as well as run a node validator in its PoS chain.

  • Remote administration of servers running validator nodes on mainnet and testnets, and RPC API nodes.
  • Created several articles documenting technical specifications regarding the ICON Network ecosystem.
  • Submitted improvements on specification for the network.
  • Developed several projects focused on web3, NFT gaming, node monitoring, etc.

Web Developer (FullStack).

Freelance - Remote

2016 - Present

Worked on several projects related to front-end and back-end development using technologies such as Javascript, NodeJS and MongoDB.

  • Developed web applications with ReactJS and NextJS (like this page!).
  • Created REST API servers with nodeJS and ExpressJS.
  • Developed and managed databases with MongoDB and mongooseJS.

Web3 Developer.

Freelance - Remote

2020 - Present

Developed web applications that communicate and interact with blockchain networks, allowing users to login using blockchain wallets, interacted with smart contracts on the ICON Network fetching wallet information data, transactions data, signing transactions for token transfers and specific interactions with smart contracts that required wallet signing.

Drilling Fluids Engineer.


2011 - 2019

Worked on remote drilling locations being in charge of the formulation and maintainance of the drilling fluid. as a DF Engineer some of my task were the following:

  • Performing computer modeling to design new drilling fluid formulas that meet customer specifications
  • Developing new drilling fluid formulas for existing drilling operations
  • Consulting with clients to determine their needs and specifications for drilling fluid components
  • Conducting research on chemicals used in drilling fluids to develop new products or improve existing ones
  • Developing plans for the storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials used in drilling operations
  • Conducting tests on new drilling fluids to ensure they meet requirements for a wide range of chemical and physical properties


I have several years of experience working with many technologies in different aspects of software development, from running and creating containers with Docker, setting up web applications in AWS, using NGINX as a reverse proxy and load balancer, etc. Currently my focus on the frontend is with Javascript / Typescript using ReactJS and NextJS and on the backend with NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB and MongooseJS for database solutions, last but not least my preferred text editor is Vim!.



Node Butler (web3 application for PoS node management)

Node butler is a web app that allow validators to login using any ICON wallet that implements the ICON JS Provider API (currently ICONex and Hana) or any supported Ledger device, to allow management of on-chain node related tasks like adding bonds, updating node data, signing tx methods, voting on network proposals and more it will also show detailed information about the node.

ICON-Node-Monitor (telegram bot for PoS node monitoring)

Icon-node-monitor is a bot intended to keep track of the status of a node (or list of nodes) in the ICON Network. The bot allows for a user to be the bot admin and has a lock/unlock state, if the bot is locked only the bot admin is allow to modify certain configurations (add/remove nodes to be monitored and users to the report list) and run certain commands (i.e stopping and starting the version check for the nodes).

SuperNode Racing (Marketplace)

SuperNode Racing is an upcoming NFT Racing game being built in the ICON Network. For this project I have developed the marketplace that will allow users to buy/sell and auction NFT items related to the game. The following are key details to summarize the development of this project:

  • Marketplace web page built using ReactJs. As a new project I was able to optimize the web page using the latest industry recommendations and updates regarding React, mainly in the use of functional components, hooks and state management without using external libraries.
  • Web3 elements. To allow user interaction with the ICON blockchain a library for communication between the frontend and the ICON blockchain was developed enabling the possibility to safely sign transactions without exposing users private keys by connecting with native wallets in the ICON ecosystem.

Espanicon SDK (JS based SDK for the ICON Network)

Espanicon SDK is a custom JS SDK for the ICON Network created specifically to be used in Espanicon projects related to development in the ICON Network. The benefit of using the Espanicon SDK is a more simpler syntax to make very common read-only queries to the ICON Network, and the methods for signed transactions returns a JSON object (ICON JSON-RPC) that can be given to any ICON wallet that implements the JS Provider standard (currently ICONex and Hana) and this will allow the signed transactions to be handled securely with the wallets without the need to expose the private keys.

Balanced-PNL (Telegram bot)

BalancedPNL is a bot intended to keep track of a wallet position on the Balanced Network. The bot gets your wallet debt on the platform and compares that debt to the value of all the tokens in the wallet to calculate a PNL.

ICON-Login (Web3 React component)

ICON-login is a react component that allows for user login based on ICON wallet addresses. It supports login via ICONex /Hana wallets and ledger devices.


I'm always open to listen to any interesting project or job proposal, if you want to get in contact with me you can send me an email to work @ fidel.engineer.

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